Throughout the course of our development, we have strived to adhere to the core value for our organization: Integrity. The foundation of our business is built on integrity. We work hard to conduct all interactions with customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees with strong integrity and mutual respect.

The integrity of Durafos is the basic element that our business partners have been enjoying a good recognition and turnovers proving that their first choice of Durafos at the beginning of this business was right. Just join Durafos worldwide business network and experience the integrity that Durafos supply to you.

When you deal in Durafos products, you will receive our outstanding value and commitment that we provide to our customers. Integrity is the true and core value in Durafos that will provide ongoing support to our business partners.


Durafos sells not only product but also our brand name, and we do know that the success of Durafos is dependent upon the relationship we build with our customers, so pursuing of mutual cooperation and prosperity with our customers and business partners is one of our basic and important business principles.

Throughout the years that we have been in business, our main goal has always been to supply products that will enable our customers to be profitable and competitive in their respective market places. We are confident that our products are better than any of our competitors, but our business partners are the very reasons that make them the best in the world.

Not a few choices are before you when it comes to purchasing imaging supplies and some companies may be interested in the suppliers that offer just a better price, but our current business partners chose Durafos as their long term business partner, because they had a strong confidence in mutual prosperity as well as in quality of our products and the services of our company.


Since its beginning, Durafos products have been synonymous with quality. To manufacture the highest quality products available, Durafos engineers have always focused on technology and innovation. Durafos high end technologies increase product performance while streamlining manufacturing efficiencies.

All of our engineering staffs ensure that we remain on the leading edge of quality by regularly benchmarking our products against OEMs and other competitors to ensure that the products we produce lead the market in performance and value, and our efficient manufacturing systems ensure that our products not only meet all quality standards and specifications, but are also price competitive.

Durafos is committed to developing the most innovative and popular products for the first time in the industry, but every Durafos product must meet our stringent standards of quality prior to its official release. In cases where we may not offer a particular product when other companies do, our research & development department has found all existing matched systems do not perform to our standards. We would never release a product that did not meet our stringent standards.


Durafos offers many services to our customers and business partners. Durafos prides itself in our commitment to immediate customer response, direct technical support, quick shipping and problem solving partnerships.

We assign a dedicated contact representative to act as your advocate within Durafos ensuring that you have someone from our team on your team and our in house product engineering and quality department ensures that each product that we produce is at the leading edge of quality and performance.

We will work with you to build a customized, end-to-end dealer support program designed to ensure that our products and services fit into the way you do business and will also continue to make the internal investments and process improvement necessary to grown and evolve as a world class manufacturer and distributor with its customized services.

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